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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hey Spring, the doors open...come on in!!

Spring makes its own statement, so loud and clear that the gardener seems to be only one of the instruments, not the composer. 
Geoffrey B. Charlesworth

 It's been a chilly week....mostly in the high 40's and we are getting our share of rain. I've still gotten out a few times to clean up the flowerbeds....

Spring Sky

Lovely little spring blooms

The few Daffs are blooming. I think most of the bulbs were dinner for moles....

Pulmonaria is so beautiful this time of year....

Pulmonaria buds.
White Nancy or Dead Nettle
When the snow melted, I was horrified at how many "toys" I had in the looked really messy. I rearranged some and got rid of a few. It's better.......

I'm pretty excited. The saplings arrived from the Arbor Day Foundation! There are 2 Sargent Crabapple, 3 American Redbuds, 2 Washington Hawthorn, 3 White Dogwood and 2 Crapemyrtle. 
The following pictures are from the internet.

Tree Image Gallery

Sargent Crabapple

American Redbud

White flowering Dogwood

Now, where to put them!! The pictures make Crapemyrtle look so pretty but it says they're frost hardy only to zone 7 and we're zone 6! Anyone out there who lives in zone 6 and is growing Crapemyrtle? Hawthorn gets winter berries for the birds so that's a plus and the American Redbud likes shade so I will have plenty of places to put it.  The information that came with them says that the Crabapple and Hawthorn have high wildlife interest......There really isn't room for all of them so I'll offer the ones we won't use to friends and neighbors.

Today I'm grateful that the birds are singing and the trees are budding!
Happy Gardening!

Flower Freak

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Nature is Waking!

Follow your passion, and success will follow you.
 Terri Guillemets

It rained during the night and was overcast this morning when I took these pictures but, the temperature is so mild!!

This is the first Gold Finch I've seen. I was planning to cut back all the dead plants but, after this winter, the critters need the seeds.....

Although nothing has bloomed yet, there are a lot of plants making their appearance. It's fun to go out and see how much they've grown and what else is coming up!

Iris and Shasta Daisy


Buds on Daffodils

Something has been nibbling at the Candytuft and Rhody. We haven't seen any deer but they have to be hungry.


The Catnip is coming along nicely. Idgie is thrilled!

More plants coming to life.


Lilac budding up.

Forget-me-nots, there are quite a few coming up.

Clematis peeking through the ground.

Yarrow,....Old Faithful!

I'm not sure what this plant is but I like it.....

Today I'm grateful for the rain we had last night (it's liquid, not solid!) and the sun starting to break through.....a perfect combination for the gardens!

Happy Gardening, Flower Freak 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

White Flowers

Spring is nature’s way of saying, "Let’s party!"  
Robin Williams


This Rhododendron starts out with pale pink buds and turns white as they open.


Sneezewort (Archillea ptarmica)


Phlox, (divaricata?)


Shasta Daisy

Balloon Flower



I'm becoming partial to white flowers. They add a brightness to the flowerbeds.
 The picture of the Candytuft isn't great. It's not completely open but, when it is, it's striking. It's the whitest of white and a real eye catcher.
The white Iris was in the garden for years without blooming. I moved it to a dryer part of the garden and it bloomed right away. I'm thrilled!
Of course, I couldn't live without Hydrangea. I love that it changes color and when it's white it's so pure looking.

It appears that Spring is winning out over Old Man Winter! The ground is almost clear of any snow......What's left is putrid looking! 
Next week, they are predicting the temperature will get up into the 60's and 70's F. There won't be any snow left after that.Plants are poking out of the ground. Iris, Daylily and Columbine to name a few.
Today I'm grateful for my good friend and neighbor Kathleen. Andy (The Saver) cooked and we had breakfast together this morning and a great chat.
Wishing you all warm, sunny days and fertile soil!

Happy Gardening, Flower Freak

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Orange Isn't Just for Autumn!

  • “I must have flowers, always, and always.” 
    Claude Monet

  • Butterfly Weed




Peach Hollyhock

Chinese Lantern

Double Daylily

Trumpet Vine

For years I thought of orange as a Fall color only. I hesitated to put it in the gardens but it has proven me wrong! It has it's place among the many colors in a flowerbed. I'm particularly fond of the Cinquefoil. It's color is so vibrant. The double Daylily strikes my fancy too! Helenium isn't very orange but enough so I added it.

Even though the snow hasn't completely cleared out, the areas of the flowerbed I can see does have greenery. I can hardly wait to get outside....
I started seeds last week. There are ones I harvested last year. There are 2 colors of blue Columbine as well as white ones. I planted pink and white Foxglove. And some new ones, Sweet Pea, Angel's Trumpet, and some that are unnamed. I love surprises!

 Even though this has been one of the hardest winters I've lived through, I'm grateful for the change in seasons!

Happy Gardening, Flower Freak

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Primrose - This is an old picture. I really like primrose but it didn't like me!

Rose - I'm hoping for many more of these perfect blooms.

Single Hollyhock - This is definitely an energizer bunny. It comes back year after year.

Bee balm - Is this red? I'm not sure....I have red and what I call magenta.

Geranium - The geraniums were beautiful last summer.

Daylily - Be still my heart! This color is amazing.

Petunia - definitely one of my favorite annuals

Such color! We really need it after this winter......I think I will look for more red for my flowerbed......

The snow is melting....yipee! I can actually see the seat of the chair planter that was buried in the snow. The weather is still more winter than spring but it's in the air! The sky is a beautiful deep color that has spring written all over it.....
Boston broke a snow record this got 108 inches of the vile stuff. The most ever recorded....ptttt! (unimpressed)
Poring over the White Flower Farm catalog makes me  want to get outside and smell the earth. Hellebore really caught my eye but if it actually does bloom in March and April here, it's too early for me.....such a beautiful plant though.....decisions, decisions.....

It's getting time to start the seeds I purchased. There are so many kinds! Also, a friend gave me 
Angel Trumpet seeds...I understand it can be quite poisonous but it's so pretty! Another thing to contemplate! if a critter got poisoned because of it I would be so guilt ridden....

I wish I had more gardening news.....pretty soon.....
I hope that spring is breaking through for all of you, as well.

Today I'm grateful that April is around the corner!
Happy Gardening, Flower Freak