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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Trying to "Be"! End of July Musings.....

Yes, I will try to be. Because I believe that not being is arrogant. 
Antonio Prochia, 1943

While I was out in the gardens this morning I realized that I'm losing sight of the purpose of the garden. I enjoy the work that comes with it, but, really wanted a haven to get away from the hustle and bustle. I find myself, more and more, sitting in the garden and, instead of enjoying the beauty,looking around to see what needs to be done and making plans to get it done.....or not sitting at all but doing, doing, doing! I've determined to sit in the garden and just "be".  Morning is a glorious time and it's going to be my time to relax and enjoy the gardens. 

Echinachea is still lovely.
Lots of "Susan's"
Pollinators love Bee Balm
The little wagon is full of Begonias
Here's a close-up
I grew Sweet Peas!
Meet Susan Weber! Isn't it beautiful??
The jury is still out on what this volunteer is.....
Plumbago is such a beautiful color blue!

The Phlox is blooming!
Not as much color.....
I'm pretty sure this is Veronica...but, it could be Salvia.....I get them mixed up!
Hydrangea is going to be glorious!
One bloom each!

August is on the horizon and I can see changes in the garden. There isn't as much color. Lot's of blooms are past and not as many are coming to life. Fran and I have discussed this and we both know we need more bloomers for August through Fall.....that will be our next garden center trip......

Today, I'm grateful for all my wonderful gardening friends! 
Happy Gardening, Flower Freak

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

"I am Summer." said July

I am Summer, 
Come to lure you away from your computer......
Come dance on my fresh grass, 
Dig your toes into my beaches.
Oriana Green @ NatureSpirits

This is the first Monarch butterfly I've ever seen in the garden. Isn't it beautiful?? That Milkweed!

The Lilies just keep on comin'!

There are Black-eyed Susans in abundance

And, the Echinachea pops up everywhere!

A few years ago, the mature Trumpet Vine just up and died so we transplanted some of the many shoots around the lattice room and. this year, the Trumpet Vine is blooming.

Achillea ptarmica or Sneezewort leaning toward the sun.

Idgie partakes of this Catnip whenever she's in the garden but, it hasn't stopped it from taking off.

Cinquefoil is one of the first plants that blooms in my garden and this Spring bloomer is still going.

I answered an offer for free plants and these are two of the ones I got.
Mountain Mint


I've often said that June is the most beautiful time in the garden. I love Peonies and Irises and they really strut their stuff in June. 
This year, July may be beating June out. The big garden has reached maturity in many ways and, it is lush and beautiful.....everywhere I look there's color. When one plant finishes blooming it makes room for another to show off. 
The Daylilies have been amazing and continue to or the other kind of daylily has been blooming for the last 3 weeks and they aren't ready to finish. 
Gaillardia, Black-eyed Susans, Needle-leaf Coreopsis, Yarrow and Echinachea are all long bloomers and they are gracing us with their beauty. 
There are so many others I haven't mentioned....the Phlox is opening. I could go on and on but I won't :)
I'm so grateful for the joy gardening gives me!
Happy Gardening, Flower Freak 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Buzzers, Flutterers and Blooms

The flowers, so fragrant grew
And the birds and bees sipped sweet nectar
From the sparkling, morning dew. 
God has blessed all beauties of Nature;
He's set His approval and seal
On all of His small, winged messengers
That fly through the air with such zeal. 
Gertrude Tooley Buckingham
Honeysuckle (1940's)


In this post, this is the only Daylily I know the name of. It's Saloam double classic

 Long Views

Zinnia from seed. Can you see how ragged the leaves are? Something has been dining off of them. There aren't many buds...that's probably why....


The sun is doing some funky shading on this Echinachea.

A jungle of Salvia, Purple Rain

Garden Stuff

Daisies, Echinachea, Helenium, Black-eyed Susans

I try to post just once a week but, there's so much going on in the garden I can't wait! This is the peak of the season and the garden is so lush. Everyday is an adventure. 
In my last post, I mentioned that we didn't see many butterflies. Well, that has changed! There are butterflies everywhere. On Sunday, the Saver dropped a tool on the driveway. It was very loud and a big cloud of butterflies flew up out of the garden! They are everywhere....medium size and brownish....they're so fast I can't get a picture. 
The hummingbird has returned and he has a mate! They're busy working their way through the big garden mostly in the afternoon.....I'm having a hard time photographing them too!
This month, I've been busy dead-heading, potting up seedlings and transplanting. I'm moving plants around to make the gardens more cohesive. Many of the plants were "plopped" and I didn't know anything about them. As they've matured, I realize sometimes the height and/or color are wrong or they're just plain not doing well in that spot.
When some of the plants stop blooming, I'm going to be dividing quite a few plants. I will be putting them around the garden rather than buy any more different plants. (I say that now!)

Today, I'm grateful for God's provision.
Happy Gardening! Flower Freak