Sunday, July 13, 2014

Last Week in the Garden in Pictures

 Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.
 Scott Adams

The garden is so stunning in July!

These Hollyhocks self-seeded in a lovely cluster. 

Here's the Butterfly Weed.....where are the butterflies???

I love this view.

Black-eyed Susans are so happy!

Garden Inspector Idgie.....checking out the Catmint.....

The Trumpet Vine has maybe a dozen blossoms......there will be a lot more next year.


Balloon Flower....this plant has been in the garden for years. It finally took off. I love the color!

I'm beginning to understand why it's called Blanket Flower. 

.Irish Eyes peeking out at the world.

The clouds were amazing on Saturday.

Helenium in all it's glory/

Some of Andy's wonderful tomatoes. The vines are full.
I heard this guy hammering away over my head and , although it took a while, I finally found him.

Silver Spotted Skipper.

This Begonia was a gift from my neighbor, Margie. It originally was her grandmothers and she's been rooting stems and passing them on for years.

Coleus and Potato Vine

Today I'm grateful for a day of rest. This has been a very enjoyable Sunday!
Happy Gardening, Flower Freak


My Garden Diaries said...

I love that view too! My goodness! And your balloon flower is stunning! As are those hollyhocks! You have such an exciting array of colors in your garden! Thank you for sharing friend! Happy week to you! Nicole xo

Janneke said...

I love Idgie in his beautiful garden!